Zero Waste Gift Guide – Christmas 2020

2020 is coming to an end (thank goodness!) and that means that the holiday season is upon us. With that, it can always seem hard to figure out what all to get your friends and family, or maybe you can’t figure out what to put on your own list? Well here I am to give you some amazing ideas of what you can do for both of those options!

Anything from Earth Hero

Earth Hero is basically the Amazon of the zero waste movement. They have a strict vetting system so you know that all of the brands on their site are sustainable and ethical, and they are constantly finding and adding new brands and products on there every day.

Anything from TenTree

TenTree is an apparel company that plants ten trees for every item you purchase. They don’t just say that they are going to plant ten trees, they give you a token with each purchase. The token has a code that you can enter on their website and see exactly where your ten trees were planted! TenTree has some amazing quality clothing and accessories that are perfect for anyone on your list.

Festival Hat – $45

Cork Card Wallet – $35

Cotton Juniper Blanket – $88

Sunski Sunglasses

Sunski is a sustainable sunglasses brand that makes its frames from recycled plastics. They also have a lifetime warranty on all of their sunglasses, so if any part of the your pair gets damaged, you can send them in and they will repair them for free! They have so many cute styles for anyone and have also just started making blue light glasses!

Headlands – $48

Makani – $58

Camina – $58

Bernina – $98


LastObject creates reusable versions of hygenic items such as cotton swabs and face tissues. In 2021, they hope to launch their new reusable face rounds and masks for the public.

LastTissue – $24

Leaf Shave Razors

I have talked about Lead Shave so much on this blog. Their razor was my first zero waste swap and investment into the zero waste movement and I couldn’t be happier with my purchase. I tell everyone that I know who is looking for a better razor to try the Leaf Shave razor. They recently expanded to have their new Twig razor, which is a much more traditional safety razor with a new design.

Leaf Shave Razor – $84

Leaf Shave Twig – $59


For the person who loves their coffee, a KeepCup is the cute little accessory they have been waiting for. They come in glass or stainless steel, but I personally think that the glass version is the most aesthetically pleasing.

KeepCup Glass Black – $23

KeepCup Stainless Steel Black – $28

Hydro Flasks or Klean Kateen

Another option you can look at for reusable drinkware are Hyrdo Flask and Klean Kateen.

32oz Wide Mouth with Straw Lid – $50

16oz Coffee with Flex Sip Lid – $33

Klean Kateen 27oz – $30

Ethique Samplers

Ethique makes zero waste soaps, shampoos, conditioners, lotions, and face serums. They are a perfect gift for anyone who loves skin care or is looking for new products to try. Their samplers come with 5 different products so you can try before you buy the full sized products. They also have gift trial packs that are made to be given as gifts.

Hair Sampler – $13

Face Sampler – $20

Body Sampler – $17

Gift Trial Pack – $13

Hyggelight – The Growing Candle

The container that this candle comes in is lined with wildflower seeds, so you can plant it whenever you’re finished with it and create a new life!

Conscious Step Socks

Conscious Step takes proceeds from your purchases and puts them towards important causes, like ocean clean up, fighting poverty, conserving rainforests, and so much more. This is a great gift for any activist in your life since you can choose the causes they fight for and give them a gift that helps contribute to that fight.

Protect the Planet Gift Box – $45

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