What to Get Rid of in Your Wardrobe

So you want to get rid of a few clothes, huh? Maybe for spring cleaning, maybe for minimalism, or maybe just because. If you’re finding a hard time figuring out what to get rid of and what to keep, then follow these rules for clothes that you should definitely get rid of.

1 – Clothes that do NOT fit.

If there are clothes that do not fit, whether they are too big or too small. TOSS THEM.

Why hold on to something that doesn’t fit? Chances are that if it doesn’t fit, then you aren’t wearing it.

That old blouse that doesn’t fit as loosely as it use to? Toss it. Now.

That dress you bought as a kind of weight loss goal? Toss it. Seriously. All that dress is is a reminder that you haven’t lost weight or you haven’t met your goals. It makes you feel crappy so why don’t you do yourself a favor. Get rid of it and feel better about yourself without that reminder that you aren’t a size 2. Regardless of your size you are beautiful and you deserve to feel beautiful.

2 – Clothes that have something wrong with them.

This is one of those kind of obvious ones that people don’t think of.

If anything you own has holes in it, button’s missing, broken zipper, loose strings, etc. TOOS THEM.

Again, chances are that because of these defects, you aren’t wearing these clothes. They are just wasting space in your closet with no purpose at all.

3 – Clothes that you’ve never worn.

Everybody has that dress that they bought, thinking that they are going to wear it to a really nice party… and then that really nice party never arrives. This also goes for those clothes that you bought that still have the tags on them.

This is another case where those kinds of clothes are just sitting in your wardrobe and doing nothing for you.

If you paid a lot of money for that dress or that coat, then sell it online and get some of your money back from a Facebook swap page.

4 – Clothes that are over worn… maybe.

“But Grace, if their over worn then that means that I wear them a lot, and I should keep them?”

The answer to that is yes, and no.

There are some clothes that need to be retired. I once had a sweatshirt that I wore all the time to the point that it looked dirty when it was fresh out of the washer and dryer. Those clothes that you wear so much and have accumulated time and stains are the ones I’m talking about when you are purging your closets.

Other higher quality items in your wardrobe can probably stand up to more washes and more life that gets thrown at it. If you wear it a lot you obviously like it so keep it!

5 – Trend clothes.

When I say “trend clothes,” I mean those clothes that you bought when they were the “it” thing. This could be a pair of bell bottom jeans from the seventies or a crop top from the nineties (I know they are back in style but I’m trying to make a point here.)

Trends do come back into style (like crop tops), but they usually come back in a different way. And if you like to stay up to date on the trends, then keeping old ones that have come and gone is going to make your closet cluttered.

6 – Clothes you don’t feel good in.

This last one is another one that should be obvious.

If you own a shirt or a pair of pants that you don’t like on you, then GET RID OF THEM. You have no time to feel bad about yourself and you sure as hell don’t deserve that either. Keep clothes that make you feel amazing and ditch the ones that you can’t stand yourself in.

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