Update: Love, Beauty, and Planet Shampoo Bar with Soft Water

So this October, I posted a review about Love, Beauty, and Planet’s shampoo bars (review here), but I ran into a little problem. I was at my college campus, which only gives me access to hard water in my apartment. If you don’t already know, some shampoo bars just do not work with hard water, and Love, Beauty, and Planet’s shampoo bar seemed to be one of them. I decided that I really wanted to give their bar and fair shake since they are one of the shampoo bars that are more readily available to people because they are now being sold in Target. So I waited until I was able to go home for the holidays so that I could test out the bar with soft water.

Since making some of my previous content on shampoo bars, I have actually learned that over 85% of the United States actually has hard water, meaning close to only 15% have soft water. This means that for 85% of the U.S., finding a shampoo bar that works for them can be really hard considering that many shampoo bars only really work with soft water. I know now that by having soft water in my home that I come from a place of privilege when it comes to talking about shampoo bars that work ,and I will be trying my best in the future to be more inclusive with products that can work for the majority.

After graduation, I actually plan on making the move to the Minneapolis area, which is actually notorious for having some of the hardest water in the entire United States, so finding those bars that work for hard water is paramount for me, and I’m definitely going to be researching a lot more.

The Love, Beauty, and Planet Bar + Soft Water = …

Getting back on topic, I waited until after Thanksgiving to try out the bar again because I really wanted to make sure my hair wasn’t super waxy and gross for the holiday, but once everyone left to go home it was time.

Now whenever I test out a shampoo bar, I go through these steps in order to make sure that I am testing the bar fully and giving it a fair shake:

  1. Swipe over the hair three times

  2. Lather it up

  3. Rinse well for 5 minutes

Over time, I do change the amount of times that I swipe the bar over my hair due to the fact that some bars lather better than others, so there are some bars that require more than three swipes. As you use your own bar over time, you get to know the way the product works and what is appropriate for you and your hair.

So I basically followed my testing protocol, in which the rinsing for 5 whole minutes is probably the most important (especially when testing a bar with hard water). Soft water apparently makes soaps lather better but it also can make it harder to rinse, which is another reason I rinse for 5 minutes.

To make a long story short, the Love, Beauty, and Planet shampoo bar works for my hair in soft water. I’ve used it as my primary shampoo since coming home (I may as well use it up here while it’s working right?). I’ve had no problem with waxiness or a feeling of buildup like I had when I had used it at college.

The bar overall is super big and is really a LOT of product. I would say that the bar is around the size of 1.5 – 2 Ethique shampoo bars (which do actually work in both hard and soft water), and 1 Ethique bar is said to be the equivalent of 2-3 shampoo bottles. Love, Beaut, and Planet themselves don’t really say what equivalent their bar shampoos are to their bottled shampoos, but I have barely even made a dent in it and I have been using it every other day for about half a month.

I think that if you have access to soft water at home and are ready to make an affordable switch to bar shampoo, then the Love, Beauty, and Planet bar just might be for you.

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