Update: 4 Months with the LastSwab

So when I made my original review for the LastSwab, I really wasn’t that impressed (review here). Marketing made me believe that the LastSwab would be the last swab I ever bought, but then their packaging said that the LastSwab only actually lasted for about 1,000 uses.

And then the build of the swab was nothing quite like I had expected.

Now I will be completely honest in saying that I may have been a little more pessimistic in my initial review, but I also feel like I wasn’t really on first impressions. When you research a product, look at the marketing, and then decide to drop $15 on a little reusable swab, there are bound to be expectations, and you do in fact expect that those expectations be met.

When I first saw, felt, and used the LastSwab, I didn’t quite love the product as much an I’ve loved other zero waste swaps that I’ve bought and tried.

I have been using the LastSwab for about 4 months now, so let’s go over the pros and the cons of the LastSwab.


One good thing about the LastSwab is the available amount of colors that you can get your swab in. I myself got mine in sea turtle green, which is a light pistachio color, but there are many more. There is also the option for you to get the basic swab for cleaning your ears, or there is the beauty swab that is less rigid and more for correcting smudges and touching up your makeup.

Comes with a Case

The LastSwab comes in a case that makes traveling with your swab so much easier. You don’t have to worry about your swab tips touching anything else in your toiletry bag.

Gets You Clean

In my own experience, I find that the textured tip of the basic swab makes it so that I get cleaner than what I did with a regular disposable swab.

Touching Your Own Wax

Now this isn’t a con for me personally, but I do know that for some people that this can be a real deal breaker. Personally, I’m not one to be disgusted by the things that come from my own body. Cleaning the swab just takes running it under warm water and lightly rubbing the swab tip with your fingers.

Doesn’t Last Forever

The LastSwab is said to only last for at least 1,000 uses, meaning that by buying a LastSwab, you can save 1,000 disposable swabs from the landfill. I haven’t quite found anything in my research of people testing out this 1,000 uses and seeing if the swab lasts longer than their initial claims. Since they do say that the swab only really last for around those 1,000 uses, I feel as though we should expect that the swab will not last forever, but I will be trying to use the swab until it is no longer usable.

To say that my opinion on the LastSwab has changed since my last review would be correct. After using it as my primary way of cleaning my ears, I definitely think that the swab itself is great at doing its job and does better than a traditional cotton swab. Traveling with the swab has been super easy as it comes in its own case and the case itself is very compact, meaning it takes up almost no room in my toiletry bag. I believe that if you are in fact looking for a sustainable swap for cotton swabs that the LastSwab could be a great swap for you.

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