Trying the For Earth 2 in 1 Shampoo and Conditioner Bar: A Zero Waste Review

In the past, I have tried quite a few shampoo bars in an attempt to find the "perfect" one. My favorite part of searching is when I find one at a Walmart or Target, effectively some of the most widely available stores for the common consumer. About a year ago, the Walmart in my college town had started carrying 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner bars by a brand called For Earth. I never purchased it back then, because I had already amassed a bit of a stockpile of other bars that I still needed to try out.

Flash forward to today, when I was out with friends on a Walmart run. I was thinking that I should find that bar and try it out finally. I looked up and down the shampoo aisle and found nothing. It was effectively missing. Much to my dismay, the entire stock of these bars that my Walmart had was in the clearance aisle. I was happy that I could get the bar for 50% off, but I was also unhappy because it most likely meant that Walmart wouldn't be restocking them.

I decided to buy 3 of the bars, in the hopes that they would work for my hair and with my hard water situation. I bought the eucalyptus scent because I really can't say no to eucalyptus, and I wasn't really crazy about how the other two scents smelled. The coconut and vanilla wasn't as sweet-smelling as I thought, and the lavender was overly strong.

A simple search for this brand and the closest you get is the listing for the product, and I had to do some looking on the packaging for a website. The website itself doesn't really have a place for you to purchase the bars directly from them, and the brand is nowhere on Amazon. I really hope that this isn't the end since the brand does have a great mission and is doing a lot of things right in the way of sustainability.

Using the Bar

I used the bar almost immediately when I got home since it just happened to be wash day for my hair. If you want to know exactly how to properly test out a shampoo bar for yourself, you can look at my post all about that here.

The big test that comes with any new shampoo bar is whether or not it works in hard water. I can happily say that the For Earth bar really does work in hard water, so I'm glad. that I ended up snagging 3 while I could.

It didn't lather up as much as other bars that I've used in the past, but I equate that to being both a shampoo and conditioner bar. From my experience, shampoo bars lather really nicely, while conditioner bars really don't, so I think that have a mixture of shampoo and conditioner makes it so that the bar itself didn't really lather.

Overall, I think that the For Earth 2 in 1 bar did a great job at getting my hair clean, but also soothing my scalp. I also think that the added conditioner definitely made a difference in my hair after it dried, so that it was a bit more hydrated than it normally would be.

Final Verdict

I really truly hope that Walmart continues to have this bar on their shelves and perhaps makes way for other shampoo bar brands in the future. The accessibility of shampoo bars to the public can lead to so much change in plastic consumption.