Trying No Poo (For Real This Time): Week 3

If you haven’t read my first article of this series, Trying No Poo (For Real This Time): Week 1 & 2, I suggest that you read that one first so that you can get a little better background on what I’ve done so far in my journey of attempting to go no poo.

Week Three:

Jan 15th: This was the first day after trying a co-wash instead of a water rinse. I have to say that my hair was definitely cleaner than it had been in the past few weeks, but not all over my head. The crown and upper backside of my head was still very greasy. I’ve definitely noticed that this is always the greasiest and oiliest part of my head. Dry shampoo doesn’t really work the best on it, and it really makes me self-conscious since I can’t really see that part of my head super well. I’ve been trying to focus a good amount of time on that section of my scalp whenever I rinse, brush, scritch, or preen my hair, but it just seems to become a really oily and matted clump on my head. I probably just made a mistake when doing my co-wash, and some of the conditioner may have gotten onto my scalp there.

I ended up scritching and preening with my fingers, and I found that it really helped with getting that concentrated amount of oil off my scalp and down to the rest of my hair.

Jan 16th: Again, I went out of my way to wear my hair up if at all possible, just because I wasn’t crazy about my hair’s texture. Having the oils on the shaft of my hair really changed how it laid. I’ve found that my hair felt a lot thicker than before, and my hair was already pretty thick, but my scalp didn’t feel as suffocated as it had. I could tell that what I had already done with no poo had already made it so that I could go longer without rinsing, as this was the second day after a rinse and I didn’t really feel like I needed to wash my hair.

I don’t workout on the weekends so that I can mostly focus on homework and doing work on the blog, but I knew from the last week that working out really affected my scalp. I figured that it might be best if I changed up my showering schedule so that I would be showering and rinsing out my hair after my workouts in the mornings, instead of waiting rinsing my hair at night.

Jan 17th: The third day without rinsing and my hair basically felt the same as the day before with just the tiniest but more oil on the crown of my head. My hair smelled like play-doh, which was pretty unexpected. It was a salty smell that I couldn’t really place but then I realized that I was basically smelling play-doh. Not the best feeling in the world.

I also noticed this day that my finger nails feel much healthier than they have. I usually have super brittle nails that are easily broken or chipped, but I think that the oils from my head are helping strengthen my nails a bit.

Jan 18th: This day I worked out in the morning and my hair was super sweaty, which didn’t help the way my scalp felt. So I ended up rinsing my hair after my morning workout. After my hair dried, I still had the problem with the crown of my head. It was at this point that I researched ways that I could mitigate the amount of oil on my scalp.

One of the interesting things that came up was using witch hazel or witch hazel toner on your scalp in order to balance the pH of your scalp but also as a way to absorb that extra oil, sort of like a wet version of a dry shampoo. I didn’t have any witch hazel or witch hazel toner because I don’t use any on my face, but I made a note to remind myself to get some when I went to the store next.

Jan 19th:

So my hair was more or less the same when I woke up, and it was really just a greaseball. I ended up putting my hair up into space buns for the whole day.

Hair after waking up

Hair once brushed

When I took my hair out of the updo, my scalp was beyond itchy. I gave in and gave myself a scalp massage, but the amount of flakes coming off my scalp was unlike anything I had ever experienced before. I was also shedding hairs like crazy. Normally I could run my hands through my hair and maybe get 1-2 strands caught in my fingers, but that night I was getting anywhere from 5-10 strands each time I ran my fingers through or combed my hair.

I decided that I was going to actually wash my hair that night with my shampoo bar to do sort of a reset wash on my hair. At this point, I was just tired of trying to cover up the greasiness and just wanted to have a good hair day.

Jan 20th: To say that I felt refreshed the next morning is an understatement. My hair felt amazingly clean but also super soft, my scalp finally felt like it could breath, and the crown of my head was free and clear of any gross oils. I decided that I would see how long I could go before my hair and scalp felt like an absolute greaseball again, in order to see how long I could go between washes. At this point, I thought that I could get a maximum of two good hair days with the third being the day that I finally would have to wash it.

Basically after this wash, I made it without washing my hair again until the 23rd, which means that I’ve effectively extended my wash time by two whole days.

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