Thrifting Only for a Year: My New Year’s Resolution

As 2020 comes to a start, I’ve found that my major goal this year is to spend less and be a more ethical consumer. I’m really looking to save money, but when I spend it, I want to give it towards products and companies that have ethical practices and create products with a low impact on the environment. One way that I’m hoping to reduce my own carbon footprint in 2020 and save money is to thrift all my clothes for one year.

This challenge came to me when I thought about all the great things that I’ve found from thrift and secondhand stores over the years. My favorite pair of shorts that I wear all the time in the summer are a pair of Levi’s that I got from the Salvation Army for less than $5. This challenge will also help me not contribute to the epidemic that is fast fashion. The great thing about the trends that become popular over the course of the year is that they were usually popular in another decade and can be found in thrift stores everywhere. There are also the newer thrift stores like Plato’s Closet, which have great brands that have been donated.

Of course, I’m setting a few conditions for my challenge. For example, I can buy new for certain basics and necessities like socks, underwear, and bras. It will also be okay for me to accept gifts of new clothing from friends and family (though I’m not expecting to really be receiving gifts like that). I’m going to try and apply this challenge to jewelry and accessories as well, although I am not too sure about the selection at my local thrift stores.

Really this all comes down to me setting a challenge for myself and seeing if I can really achieve it. I think that this can benefit me on many more ways than just saving money. I already donate all of my old clothing and think that recycling your wardrobe for others is a great practice in order to help those less fortunate and also minimize the amount of clothing that ends up in landfills.

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