The Four Important Rules of Zero Waste

Using What You Already Have

As a huge part of my zero waste journey, I have had to learn one of the more important rules of living a low waste life. Using up what you already have.

It is a simple rule that many people who are attempting zero waste don’t even realize. But using what you already have helps reduce your waste outright and is much better than throwing out perfectly good products just to buy the zero waste alternatives. Even if what you have comes in plastic packaging, it is important to use all of that moisturizer, shampoo, hand soap, etc. because then you are just throwing out the container and not also the product inside.

See If You Can Do Without

There are a ton of products that get marketed to us as necessities that really aren’t. For example, you don’t need specialized creams for your hands, feet, eyes, or face. You can honestly find one real good formula of lotion and use it for all parts of your body.

Another good example of a product that you don’t really need is toner. If you wash your face and use moisturizer regularly, then your face is balanced enough then you don’t need toner.

A good thing to try is to take those little extra products in your routine and see how you fair when you don’t rebuy them for a while. You’ll be surprised with what you can do without and simplify your routine even more. This is how I cut out all makeup from my routine, and I now only have a tube of mascara that I wear for special occasions.

Prices Are High, But Not Really

One thing you might notice about more sustainable products is how high the price can be. My best example for this comes from my article, Leaf Shave Razor Review – Is This $80 Razor Worth It?. In it, I talk about how the initial cost of the razor is pretty expensive, but if it’s the only razor that you buy for the rest of your life, the cost of that razor goes down tremendously. These products are so expensive because of their quality and the fact that they are made to last forever. Your initial investment may seem large, but it will pay off later in life.

Know That It Won’t Be Perfect

No matter what you do, there is quite possibly no way that you will go through life creating no waste. Sometimes you just have to settle for the best alternative that you can find. But a lot of research into products and companies can go a long way, and there is always the option of making things on your own. However, I would treat some DIYs with caution. If you are ever thinking about making your own health or beauty products, it is always a good idea to reach out to your doctor, dermatologist, or dentist and get a professional’s opinion.

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