Sustainable Candy for Halloween

If there is one thing synonymous with Halloween, it is the candy. Almost 600 million pounds of candy is purchased each year for Halloween, which is an insane number when you think about it. So being a more ethical and sustainable minded consumer, I wondered if there were even any options for people like me during the Halloween season, whether it was to give out candy or just hoard it for ourselves.

Luckily for you and me, that answer is yes!

Boxed Candy

So this one is a gimme for those of us who are well-seasoned veterans of trying to find sustainable candy already. I think in almost every store where candy is sold, you can find a little shelved section of what I call “movie theater candy” or just candy that come in cardboard boxes instead of plastic bags.

As you can clearly see in the photo above, a lot of the boxed candy you can find in stores is from brands that are already well known. A lot of boxed candy is only $1.00 per box, but that could get a little expensive in the long run. You can also run the risk of the candy inside the boxes also being packaged in a plastic bag, depending on the candy and the brand. But this is one of the more readily available forms of sustainable candy that you can definitely find in your local grocery stores and bigger box stores like Walmart and Target.

Alter Eco

Alter Eco is a brand of chocolate that can be found in Whole Foods and Kroger.

All of Alter Eco’s products are made with ingredients sourced directly from small-scale farms. In addition to having Fair Trade Certified cocoa and paying farmer co-ops a premium for their cocoa, Alter Eco also provides targeted assistance to its cocoa farmers. It also has been evolving its packaging throughout the years to become more sustainable every time.

Endangered Species Chocolate

In 1993, Endangered Species Chocolate was founded by an Oregon entrepreneur who had two passions – crafting premium chocolate, and conservation. Endangered Species Chocolate brings authentic chocolate to the marketplace with real, responsibly sourced, health-conscious ingredients and no mysterious sweeteners or additives. Never wavering on its quality and sustainability practices, Endangered Species Chocolate has donated over $2.6 million to its Give Back Partners who focus on wildlife conservation.

Beyond Good

Beyond Good is another chocolate company that responsibly sources their cocoa all the way from farmers in Madagascar and Uganda, and all of their chocolate is organic. Beyond Good is also doing it’s best to put the environment first; their agroforestry practices have led to 5 species of endangered lemurs living where their cocoa is grown!


Theo has direct relationships with cocoa cooperatives in Peru and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Theo also works with the different cocoa communities it sources from to develop meaningful projects tailored to their needs.

Torie & Howard

Torie & Howard candy are all organic fruity hard and chewy candy.

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