Safety Razors Under $30: Low Waste Living on a Budget #1

I’m starting off my newest series with one of the best swaps I’ve made so far, and that is the safety razor. Now many of you may know that the safety razor that I use is by LeafShave and comes in at around $80 (review here). For many people, $80 is a hefty price tag to pend on anything, let alone a razor, so even though I heartily believe that the price is completely worth it, I know that my favorite razor doesn’t fit into everyone’s budget. For this series, I’m going to do my best to show you low waste swaps that come in under $30 and can most likely be found in big box stores like Walmart and Target. 

So what is a Safety Razor?

Basically, a safety razor was the second imagining of the razors that we know and love today. They were made as a safer alternative to the straight razor (the horrible things that Sweeney Todd uses to kill everyone with), hence the name “safety razor.” Overtime, the safety razor evolved into the flexible head razors that we know today that are made out of plastic and use disposable plastic heads, which are very bad for the environment. Safety razors have made a huge resurgence in light of the zero waste movement, simply due to the fact that they are made out of metal and use traditional razor blades which are easier to recycle and much cheaper than plastic razor refills.

Personally, I skipped using the traditional safety razor all together and bought my LeaveShave razor right away since it didn’t look as scary as the traditional safety razors and had a flexible head. But now part of me wishes that I would have tried a traditional safety razor so that I could reassure you all that a safety razor isn’t scary at all.

So now if you are interested in making the switch, here are some safety razors that you can find in stores.

Walmart and Target

Van Der Hagen Traditional Safety Razor

This razor at my Walmart store can be bought for less than $19 and the refill blades come in a pack of 5 for $2.88. That’s less than 60 cents for each blade and is much more affordable for a pack of five plastic, disposable razor cartridges for almost $30. At Target, this razor and the blades are around the same price.

It comes in a sleek chrome finish that I think looks really nice and it has a butterfly opening and closure, so you don’t have to physically take apart the razor to insert blades.

This was also the razor that I was going to buy before I found the LeafShave razor and took the $80 price plunge. It was the only safety razor that I could find in store at my local Walmart and the only one that I could find stocked at any Walmarts that I looked up on the app with their “In-Store” search feature.


Target also had two other brands of safety razor, but they were over my $30 budget, however I thought perhaps it might be okay to have them in here to show you what the price difference does and does not get you.

The Art Of Shaving Safety Razor

This razor at Target will set you back $40 but it does already come with the 5 refill blades. It boasts that it will resist rust and wear when kept in a wet environment like a shower, but is a twist top instead of a butterfly opening.

Bevel Safety Razor

The Bevel razor will set you back a cool $50 and also include the 5 refill blades with the purchase of the razor, and the Bevel branded refill packs of 20 will cost you another $10, which comes to a cost of 50 cents per blade. I will say that the Bevel razor does have a sleeker look than most safety razors that I’ve seen, but I don’t see the real benefit of spending $50 for a safety razor when you can get the Van Der Hagen for less than $20.

Amazon Options

So in the beginning I didn’t want to have to use Amazon as an option because I know that Amazon isn’t the best for the environment, but the fact that there was really only one brand that I could really find in-stores just shows why Amazon has become a king of consumerism. Honestly, if you can’t find it on Amazon, where can you?


This razor comes with 5 refill blades and the razor itself all for only $19, and it comes in two colors: rose gold and black. This razors features a butterfly opening and is marketed specifically for women.


This razor has a great look and features a bamboo handle, however it doesn’t come with any blades so those will have to be bought separately. The Bambaw razor comes in at $18. 

Bambaw also offers a fully metal version of their razor complete with a stand for only $21 and it comes in black, rose gold, and silver.

Final Thoughts

As one of the first swaps I made when I started my own journey, I highly recommend switching to a safety razor over your old plastic one. If cared for properly, they can last a lifetime and also lower your cost overtime for blade replacements.

I really didn’t want to have to pull out Amazon for my very first installment in my series, but it just didn’t feel right giving you guys just one option to choose from. Hopefully in my future installments we will be much luckier in finding multiple options.

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