Products to Make Dorm Life Easier

Maybe you are still in high school and planning on attending college in the fall, or maybe you are a current college student looking for ways to make your dorm more homey and even more functional. Here are some amazing products that will definitely help you out.

Mini Fridge Hanging Dish Storage

This thing was a life changer for me and my roommate. It holds all of your silverware and plates on the side of your mini fridge so that they don’t take up valuable shelf space. We love it and life is so much better with it.

Bunk Buddy

A bunk buddy is a shelf that you can attached to the side of your dorm bed and let me tell you that it definitely comes in handy when you have your bed closer to the ceiling than to the floor. They come in many sizes and can run you about $30 on Amazon, or you can take some DIY initiative and make one yourself like me and my roommate.

Three-Tiered Shelf

This thing is great for snack storage or whatever you can fit on it. If you don’t have your bed bunked, it works great as a beside table and even as an end table for your futon if you have any room. We also have a larger shelf that we placed our TV on.

Desk Lamp

So this may be self explanatory, but sometimes the lighting in your dorm can be really hit or miss. For example, my dorm room this year has a wall with built-in closets, drawers and desks. They closet blocks a lot of light from getting to our desks and so we both got these LED lamps that are really great. They also have a side USB port so I can charge my phone at my desk without having to unplug the charger in my bed.

Bulletin or White Board

Sometimes it’s nice to have something that you can tack up any important documents or reminders. You can write up to do lists for cleaning that you and your roommate to get done or simply put up notes for each other. I use mine to put up important dates that I need to remember and my roommate and I make s shopping lists for our next trip to Walmart.

Mood Lights

So this may not be a necessity, but it’s definitely nice to have more options for ambiance in your room other than lights on or lights off. You can do this in a number of ways. There are color changing LED lights that you can buy, many of which come with a remote for you to choose the colors that you want. Another cheaper option that is just as good is to get some fairy lights or Christmas lights.

Memory Foam Mattress Pad

It’s a true fact that most of the mattresses that you get in your dorm are less than ideal and not that comfortable. With that being said, it is a good idea to invest in a good memory foam mattress topper for your four years of college. Your back and your sleep cycle will thank you.

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