Native’s New Paper Packaging: A Win for The Environment

Native is known as being one of the best mainstream natural/aluminum free deodorants on the market right now, but I still felt a little guilty buying it over some other alternative since it came in plastic. I know that a lot of people in the zero waste community, including myself, reached out to Native asking them to create a plastic-free version of their wonderful product. And they listened.

If you go to Native’s website right now and tap on their menu, you will see that there is now plastic free deodorant that comes in paper (paperboard) packaging. The best part? It is the exact same price as their plastic packaged product, so you don’t have to pay more for the more sustainable version!

They are also trying to do more for the planet with their plastic-free packaged products. 1% of sales from their plastic-free product line will be donated to nonprofits that specialize in environmental stewardship. That may not seem like a lot, but to be honest, it’s more than most companies are doing.

Now it is unclear if Native plans to expand this plastic-free line to some of their other offerings. As of right now, Native sells body wash and toothpaste on top of their popular deodorant. For body wash, they do offer the bar soap alternative, which I highly recommend to cut plastic consumption, and it is unclear to me whether or not their plastic is made from recycled post-consumer or not. But I hope that Native continues to delight us with more eco-friendly surprises like this one and find a way to make all of their packaging low waste if at all possible.

One way we can make this happen is by writing to Native and expressing our wants for more plastic-free packaged products from them and also by voting with your dollar and buying the plastic-free paperboard deodorant instead of the original version. It’s by doing these two simple things that we can affect change in companies and help reduce the waste we contribute to the planet.




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