My Problem with the Emergence of Disney+ and Other New Streaming Services.

Disney+ officially launched on November 12th, and I’m already sick of paying for four different streaming services in order to watch all of the shows that I want to watch.

The whole point of streaming services was to be able to watch whatever you wanted whenever you wanted all for a low price. Netflix started the streaming trend, and was seemingly unmatched in competition, even when Hulu came onto the block. But immense power in an industry comes with the threat of other companies competing to take over market share. Amazon Prime came out with their Prime Video service very early and soon other large TV channels like STARZ and HBO came out with their own streaming service for their own shows. And now, Disney has entered the ring with their immense catalog of movies and TV shows. My only question is, where does it end?

What if every channel and production company came out with their own streaming service and refused to let their titles be shown anywhere else? What if public broadcast television dies? How much will we be paying for streaming service then?

Right now I have the big four streaming services. Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney+. With all three services, I’m paying just about $35 a month for all. Sure, that doesn’t seem all bad, but if these companies continue to scale up their prices overtime like Netflix has done in the past, I could eventually be paying $50 or so dollars to be able to watch all the shows that I would like to. Am I the only person who finds this ridiculous? It’s no wonder that there is a problem with people sharing passwords and having multiple people on a single person account.

Part of me just misses the days when everything that you could watch was all on public or cable television. You still had to pay for everything, but at least you knew that you were actually getting everything. Now when you pay for Netflix, you miss out on everything that is only offered on Hulu unless you want to pay for both. And now, if you want to be able to stream the new Disney, Marvel, or Star Wars film, you have to pay for Disney+. And then there’s now the problem of Disney+ exclusive movies like the new live action The Lady and the Tramp. I know for a fact that my mom would love to see that movie and would’ve paid to go to the movie theater, but instead, she now has to wait for me to come home from college to be able to watch it.

My parents are in no way tech savvy, and don’t really understand how the whole streaming service thing works. There’s been so many times that I’ve had to explain to my parents why we can’t watch a certain movie because no one has it, or its on HBO or STARZ streaming service, which I don’t own. It’s very frustrating to them and to me most times.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Disney and Netflix, and all the other streaming services. But it is just sort of getting ridiculous with all the hoops it seems that you have to jump through, and pay to jump through at that. It is just one of those things where I will bite my tongue and pay for anyways every single month to be able to watch the content that I want. I just get a bad feeling that this isn’t even the beginning of the problem that we will start to have with streaming services, and unless there are some acquisitions and mergers, I just see it getting way worse before it will get better.

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