My Problem with Most Sustainable Fashion Companies: Zero Waste Rant

I want to preface this as me saying that I don’t have a problem with every single sustainable fashion brand out there on the market. However, there is one thing that I’m really getting tired of seeing popping up on my Instagram and Pinterest feeds, and that is another new sustainable basics fashion brand.

I think that the OG sustainable basics brand that almost everyone thinks of when it comes to this category is Organic Basics. First of all, I love Organic Basics and what they are doing as a company, but it just seems to be that everyone in the sustainable fashion world saw their success and just said, “I’m going to do that too!”

There are countless of basics brands on the market now, to the point where when I actually got into sustainable fashion, I honestly believed that this just must be how everyone in the sustainability community dresses. And while some do fit that description, there are so many others that don’t, including me. Don’t get me wrong, I love a nice soft cotton t-shirt, but I don’t need to own twenty of them. As an eco-minimalist, I basically already have all the clothes that I need basics wise.

For Days is a good example of a basics company that is doing more recently. They’ve been trying to expand their product line ever so slightly, most likely trying to gauge what their customers like and what they will buy. I don’t have as much of a problem with For Days being another basics company however, because of how they are implementing their company structure with a closed loop system. What’s great about For Days is that I can send back my old clothing and swap them for newer items by them, breaking the waste in the cycle, and then they use those clothes to create new pieces. But at least For Days is also trying to expand into more categories.

What I would love to see is the phasing out of sustainable basics brands and the transition into actual sustainable fashion brands. Brands that make sustainable clothing that is different from what we’ve seen before and actually making an effort to stand out with their pieces. Pact is another great example of this. They have fun prints and colors for dresses, leggings, and their underwear selection. They even have a really fun kids selection, with designs that look like they could be in any department store. They’ve expanded past just the barebone basics, and are actually becoming a full-fledged fashion brand.

I guess my point is that we really don’t need to be flooding the market with more sustainable basics when we already have enough of those. What the market is now primed and ready for are sustainable fashion brands that are ready to think outside the box and provide us pieces that are long-lasting, amazing quality, and also stylish.

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