My Plant Wishlist 2020

It is no secret that I love plants and love being surrounded by them. It is my goal inlife to have a glassed-in conservatory on the back of my house when I’m older where I can keep all of my plants and have my own little private jungle. I have yet to scratch the surface of plants that I want with the ones that I have already, so I decided that I should make a list for you guys with all of the plants that I want to own in the future. 

Philodendron Prince of Orange

I love colored foliage and this one is so unique to me. I’ve seen red, pink, and yellow foliage on plants but never orange. With the philodendron, the newest leaves start out orange and then fade to green as it ages. It would be a cooler plant if it just stayed orange, but I still want it the way it is.

Syngonium Merry

I have found that I personally love syngonium. I already own a white butterfly, strawberry, and strawberry allusion, and the syngonium merry is just as beautiful. It has just a hint of red in its veins, making it look super cool to me. Syngonium are also super nice because their leaf shape changes as they mature and they start to vine.

Nematanthus Black Goldfish Plant

This plant interests me a ton just because of the fact that its blooms literally look like goldfish, hence the name. They are also apparently very easy to care for, bloom constantly, and can grow very big and bushy like the one above, making it something that I would love to have in my collection.

Pilea Peperomioides

I think even people who aren’t into plants have seen this plant everywhere, and it is super common, but I just haven’t gotten one yet for the sheer reason that everywhere I’ve found one, they are just asking too much for it. This plant is super easy to care for and to propagate and I think the trendiness of the plant is really what has made the price skyrocket so much in the past few years. When I can find one of these for under $20, I’m going for it.

Philodendron Dark Lord

I have definitely transitioned to the point in my plant journey where I don’t really want to cute little plants anymore. I want the big and badass looking plants now. The philodendron dark lord is one of those plants. Its new leaves come in this dark burgundy shade that is just so unique compared to anything else I’ve seen and I just really want it.

Monstera Deliciosa Thai Constellation

I love my green form monstera deliciosa so much and am actually not a fan of the monstera deliciosa albo with the huge sectoral variegation. Thai constellation monstera really hit it right in the middle for me, because it has the variegation without being super in your face about it.

Staghorn Fern

Now I have a confession to make, I’ve killed every fern I have ever owned, but the staghorn fern is apparently much easier to care for with consistent watering and can last for decades. I also think it is so cool how they can be mounted on wood like actual antlers.

String of Dolphins

I mean it’s a plant with a bunch of mini dolphins on it. Come on.

Raven ZZ Plant

I actually don’t have a regular ZZ plant for the same reason I don’t have a pilea peperomioides. ZZ have become so trendy and notorious for being hard to kill that they have become one of the more expensive entry level houseplants. I would love to have a regular ZZ as well, but the raven ZZ with its almost black foliage is so striking to me. The new leaves actually come out bright green and transition into the darker color as they age.

Oxalis Regnellii Purple Shamrock

This plant doesn’t even look like it comes from this planet. I’m not a huge fan of purple, but there’s something about how unique this plant looks that just makes me want to get it for my collection.

Alocasia Polly African Mask

I mean do you see that contrast? I actually don’t own any alocasia yet and this is definitely the main one that I want. Luckily it’s a pretty common alocasia to come by, so I know that it will be pretty easy to find.

Burgundy Rubber Plant

This is another plant that I like for its dark foliage. Rubber trees are also becoming more common since they are a pretty trendy plant, so I think I could easily find this when I finally have the money to buy one.

Whalefin Sansevieria

This is one sansevieria that I have wanted since the moment I knew that it was a thing. A lot of times they are sold as just one huge leaf, but they have the ability to self propagate their own babies. I think that they just look so cool and are such an interesting plant.

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