My Low-Waste Skincare Routine

I stopped wearing makeup about two-ish years ago and now I only put on mascara whenever I feel like it. I will admit that I have put on a full face of makeup for special occasions and stuff like Halloween, but when it comes to everyday, I’m probably not wearing any at all. During my journey to go makeup-free, I’ve realized the true importance of taking care of your skin and I thought it would be nice to share my low waste skincare routine with you guys.

I label my skincare routine as low waste instead of zero waste because I am still using products that come in plastic, but I’ve found a way to use them in a way that prolongs their lifespan and use less of them, minimizing the waste over time. I am looking for a low/zero waste option to switch to in the future, but so far I have yet to find anything that I like as much, works as well, and is relatively affordable. My routine is basically two steps, but I feel like there is going to be some needed explanation for some parts.

Step One: Wash the face and neck

One of the best pieces of advice that I have ever gotten is that you should do whatever you are doing to your face to your neck (and chest too if you feel like it) so that the face and the neck ages uniformly. This actually makes a ton of sense if you think about it, because if you take super good care of your face, but pay no attention to your neck, then at age 50, you could, in theory, have a face that looks 30 years old and a neck that still looks 50. So I always make sure to wash and apply my face and neck equally. This is why I do my face washing in the shower if I can help it, since washing your neck at the sink can be a little more messy.

I use a face cleansing bar to wash my face, as it is cheaper but the same formula as a brand’s liquid cleansers. I will link to some of the brands that I have used before, and I am working on making an entire review of all the face bar brands that I can find.

Step Two: Rinse with a washcloth

I rinse my face most times with a wet washcloth. My washcloths are all terrycloth, and I use the texture of the terrycloth to kind of exfoliate as I’m rinsing. I just take the washcloth and rub in circular motions all over my face and neck until all of the soap is gone from my face.

Step Three: Pat dry

Pat your face dry when you are done washing your face at the sink or once you get out of the shower.

Step Four: Apply face cream

This step may be the hardest to explain as I feel as though I need to explain to you how I create my face cream. It is actually two separate products that I mixed together in equal parts. I mix St. Ives Collagen and Elastin Facial Moisturizer, and After Sun Care Gel with Aloe. Both of these products do come in plastic but by mixing them together I’ve found that a little of the mixture goes a long way and I ultimately get a lot of product. Once mixed together it is a bright pistachio green color. I use this mixture because it is super hydrating. Collagen and elastin help keep your skin looking young and help prevent wrinkles, and the aloe in the after sun gel is also restorative and aloe has been proven to prevent acne. This mixture also works as a super hydrating body lotion, and is amazing for sunburns in the summer.

I take a finger and put one dot of cream on my forehead, one dot for each cheek, and one dot for each side of my neck, and that’s really all the product I need for my face. A little more is needed when I moisturize my arms and legs, but it is still far less than what I was using with conventional lotions before.

Step Five: Guasha time

Rose Quartz Guasha Tool — Medical Aesthetics of the Hudson Valley

A guasha is a stone that people have used for many years to apply facial ointments, massage and exfoliate the face, and prevent wrinkles. I got one to try it out, and I use it after I rub in the facial cream. You basically run it over your face in upward motions to promote blood flow and help with circulation. I personally really like it since it makes me feel like I’m pampering myself. The one that I have can also be used for back massages, and I’m interested to try it out sometime.

After using my guasha, I rinse it off and dry it to get any product and face oils off of it.

Step Six: Frozen roller time

Rose Quartz Facial Roller – Solaris Laboratories NY

I also have a facial roller that I got on a whim to try out. You can use it to roll on product, but I found that that was just super messy and not worth my time. I put mine in the freezer and grab it whenever I’m finishing up my nightly routine. Surprisingly it stays cold for a long time. I don’t know if there are any real benefits to the roller yet. I’ve heard that it helps with dark circles and promoting circulation, but I honestly just use it to pamper myself sometimes.

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