Low Waste Living on a Budget: New Product Series Announcement

For many people, living zero waste might seem out of reach for them because of their financial circumstances. All too often, sustainable and ethical products are much more expensive than their wasteful counterparts, and it can seem impossible for many people to be able to make even the simplest swaps when it comes to the zero waste movement. I’m here to try and help.

Zero waste is a very unattainable thing in today’s world and there is no way that anyone could ever be able to contribute zero waste. That is why a lot of times, I like to label things as low waste, and I firmly believe that it is better to be low waste than nothing at all. So my newest series on this blog is going to be trying to look at budget friendly, lower waste alternatives that almost anyone will be able to make. I’ll do my best to tackle all the different categories that I can: haircare, skincare, hygiene, groceries, etc.

My hope is to show people that becoming a more sustainable and ethical consumer doesn’t have to be such a radical change, and that you can still vote with your dollar to support companies that are trying to make a difference, even when you don’t have many dollars to vote with. I’m going to try my best to find swaps that are under $30 and also teach you some behavioral changes that will cost you nothing to do. A lot of the products that I’m going to be looking at will be mostly available at bigger box stores like Walmart and Target, and maybe even some lower budget places like Dollar Tree. I want to make sure that most of these products will be accessible to a large number of people.

I know that I have some followers on this blog that are not from America, so not all of these products will be available to you, but I will try my best to do some research into the common box stores in the UK and Europe to try and get you guys some proper representation.

The whole point of this series is to help those who want to make a change in their lives and also help the planet while saving the most amount of money possible. While these swaps and products may not be the “perfect” zero waste swap, they will hopefully be ways to reduce your waste considerably, eliminating some amount of waste from going to landfill and helping our planet.

Basically, this series is to help prove one of my favorite quotes about the zero waste movement:

“We don’t need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly” – Anne Maire Bonneau.

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