Loop: All Your Favorite Brands but Waste Free

Loop is a global circular shopping platform designed to eliminate the idea of waste by transforming the products and packaging of everyday items from single-use to durable, multi-use, feature-packed designs. Loop allows you to send back your packaging for cleaning and refilling so that you can enjoy living with less waste. 

What do they offer?

You can find a whole list of brands here, but some of the more notable ones are:

  1. Cascade

  2. Clorox

  3. Crest

  4. Febreeze

  5. Pantene

  6. Tide

  7. Gillette and Venus Gillette

All of these brands with wasteful options in the big box stores have come to Loop and given you their products in more sustainable packaging. For example, you can buy Clorox Disinfectant Wipes in a durable metal container, or Pantene shampoo and conditioner in metal pump containers. Body wash, body lotions, and hand soaps most commonly come in glass, and coffee, tea, and other snack foods come in tins like the good old days.

How does it work?

With every item you buy, there is the cost of the item plus a one-time deposit fee, which is for the container itself. When you send back your products to be refilled, then you will only be charged the product price. If ever you send something back and decide not to reorder it, you get your deposit for the container back!

Other Brands

Loop is currently working with some other brands to get they products into sustainable packaging, such as:

  1. Dove

  2. Degree

  3. Axe

  4. Tropicana

  5. Tidy Cats

  6. Arbor Teas

  7. Colgate

My Opinion

When it came to researching Loop, it kind of perturbed me knowing that these companies have the ability to go waste-free and they just choose not to. They produced these products in sustainable packaging, but they only allow it to be on Loop instead of making it their normal way of packaging their products. Why? You could say that cost is the main issue and that they are afraid of losing customers since their prices would ultimately go up, but I just think that at this point, that is such a cop out answer. I mean, it’s not just any one category. They have ice cream in a metal container, and shampoo and conditioner in refillable bottles, and laundry detergent in tins instead of the bulky plastic jugs. What gives? Why not make it mainstream?

Loop has so many other brands coming and signing on, and I really wanted to make the post to bring more awareness. My hope is that if there are more people shopping on Loop and showing a want for these products in better packaging that these companies might wake up to their ignorance and make their normal products in the same packaging.

I think the thing that makes Loop so great is the refill program which I could see being a problem for larger companies to implement, since their facilities are designed for putting out products and not necessarily for receiving and refilling. If you’re someone who has been looking for a viable option for a buy and refill program, then I highly suggest Loop as one of the better options out there. They are managed by TerraCycle, which I’ve already talked about in a different article and am a big supporter of. I’m definitely looking for a great place to get more home and pantry goods as I start the transition to zero waste in those areas of my life, and I’m interested to see what other brands they add in the coming years.

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