Leaf Shave Razor: 6+ Months Later

Okay, so I talk about this razor a ton on my blog, but it is for good reason. I wasn’t even going to write an update for this razor, but something happened recently that I thought I should point out to any of you guys still on the fence about getting one.

First off, let me say that I bought the Essentials kit, which just comes with the razor and 20 blades. I started out with using three halves of the blades, but after a few months I went down to two because I found three blades to be a bit aggressive for me. That being said, it has been over 6 months of me using this razor and I still have 10 full blades left in my package, meaning I could probably go another 10 months without reordering blades.

But the real reason that I was wanting to make an update for this razor and this company is to shout out their amazing customer service and delivery of their lifetime warranty on their products.

I was cleaning my razor one night a couple weeks ago and I realized that one of the blade carriers that used to flip up and down without any problems was a little stiff. I wasn’t thinking anything of it really, but it got to a to the point where I was a little frustrated and also afraid that I might have a slip up when pressing too hard to get the carrier to move and end up cutting myself. I politely emailed Leaf Shave’s customer service about my problem, and they replied that same hour.

They figured that part of the mechanism that allows the carriers to move was out of place, asked me to take a picture of my razor for them, provide my order number and my shipping address, and they would send me out a new one.

I was honestly shocked at how easy it was. I’ve tried to exercise a warranty on a product in the past, and the company that I bought the product from wanted me to prove the defect and even send back the product in the mail before. Leaf Shave just made me a priority instead and got me my new razor by the end of that week. I honestly wasn’t expecting to get a new razor at all, maybe just a few cleaning and care tips that could possibly fix the problem I had since the razor was still in working condition. Now I have two $80 razors for the price of one and I honestly feel pretty good about my purchase now. The only thing I kind of wished would’ve happened is them letting me pick a new color for my razor, since I just got the same silver color I had before, but a free razor is a free razor.

I’m actually going to try my best to clean up my old razor to see if there’s anyway that doing a deep clean will fix the carrier problem that I had, because then I could give one of my nice razors to a friend or family member, which would be pretty cool.

I love Leaf Shave as a company and I think that they are doing a ton of things right with their company. One way to prove that you have faith in your products and what you’re doing as a company is to offer lifetime warranties with no questions asked, and it makes me feel even better when I recommend Leaf Shave to you and my friend and family, because I know that it is a worthy investment.

I want to preface once again that Leaf Shave does not sponsor me (although I would love if they did) and they have not and never have paid me any money to say the things that I have said about them now and in the past. I highly recommend their products to anyone looking for a great shave and a great product. Seriously, if you got a little money burning a hole in your pocket, I would recommend making the investment and giving them a try. They offer a 30-day guarantee, so if you don’t love it, they will give you your money back.

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