J.R. Liggett’s Shampoo Bars: Zero Waste Review

DISCLAIMER: J.R. Liggett’s has no idea that I am doing this review and are in no way a sponsor of mine.

A simple zero waste swap that anyone can make in order to live a more sustainable life is to switch from liquid shampoo and conditioners to bars.

Shampoo bars are exactly what they sound like. They are bar soap meant for the hair and were used largely by everyone until liquid shampoo became the norm around the 1940’s. They are made almost the exact same way that bar soap is made, with some special ingredients that are better for hair and scalp care. They have been widely repopularized by the company LUSH and have little to no packaging.

I bought J.R. Liggett’s shampoo bars around a year ago. I bought a variety 3 pack that included their Coconut and Argan Oil, Tea Tree and Hemp Oil, and Jojoba and Peppermint bars.

The bars were able to fit in the palm of your hand and are smaller but thicker than your normal bar of soap. They state on the label that “each bar offers the approximate number of usages as a 24 ounce bottle of most modern shampoo.” I found that to be very true. It takes a long time for you to use up a bar since it lathers nicely and is easy to spread around your head.

For my method of shampooing with a bar, I usually lather the bar with my hands and then apply it to my hair, or I also sometimes just run the bar over my wet hair until it lathers.

J.R. Liggett’s formula is very easy to make a lather from and your hair definitely feels clean, however, I noticed my hair feeling very stripped of moisture and in need of conditioner, which is weird considering that the label on the bars states, “This shampoo doesn’t strip the natural oils from your hair so most will not need to condition.”

There was definitely a transition period for my hair with this bar. Since its made almost purely from saponified oils, my hair had a hard time getting used to all the oil and was very greasy for awhile. Even after a year of using the bars and not shampooing everyday like I used to, I still felt a kind of residue on my hair and would sometimes find gunk in my brush. But my hair did feel much healthier, and it didn’t hurt my color or make it fade any faster.

Overall, I think that this brand could work really well for certain hair types, it just didn’t work for me. There are some YouTubers like Sedona Christina, who use this bar and absolutely love it, but it just personally didn’t work for me. However, for only spending $17 on shampoo for a whole year was definitely a plus. I think that if J.R. Liggett’s made a conditioner bar to pair with their shampoo bars, it would be a nice little combination.

As for me, I will continue searching for the best bar for me.

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