I Bought a Metal Straw…

I wrote a blog post not long ago that was me explaining my utter disdain for metal straws and the hype around them. It came to my attention shortly after that when I moved back to college and began living life away from home and the many comforts of home, that maybe having a metal straw that I could carry around wouldn’t be so bad. I found a two pack of metal straws at a store for $5 and went for it, since I realized that getting a plastic straw for my iced coffees wasn’t the best move for the planet.

My two-pack came with a little pouch and one straight straw, and one slightly bent straw. I particularly like this two-pack because of the size of the straws. A lot of previous metal straws that I saw in stores were much longer than I liked and super wide. These ones were about the size and circumference of a normal plastic straw, which I thought would suit me better and made it more likely for me to actually use them.

I got my straws from the brand Brümate, which is known for its metal and reusable drinkware, mostly for alcoholic beverages. The straws only came in two colors, either “rainbow” which is a multichrome finish, or “rose gold” which is more copper colored than rose gold in my opinion. I bought the “rose gold” set, but for the remainder of this post, I will refer to them as copper, since that is a better description of their color.

Also, little side note, was I the only person that was and still is so annoyed by the rose gold trend? Like it all really just looks like copper to me, unless you have a super pink metallic color like what was on the iPhone 6S, 7, and 8.

Anyways, I’ve been using these straws for a few weeks now, and I will say that it does make me feel better than using a plastic straw, especially when I get my iced coffee from the campus coffee shop.

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