How to Properly Use/Test Out Your Shampoo Bar

While using a shampoo. bar isn’t particularly anything super daunting, it can be somewhat of a learning curve compared to liquid shampoo. It is also super important to know how to properly use your shampoo bar so that you can make sure that you are getting the most out of the product and if it is really the right shampoo bar for you. So let me break down the step for how to properly use and test out a shampoo bar!

1. Store your bar in a dry place

The first step to make sure that your bar lives a long life is to make sure your bar is stored somewhere that it can dry out thoroughly between uses, meaning it might not be a super smart to leave your bar in the shower if you aren’t the only person using it. The one thing that does kind of sucks about bar soap is that they mostly dissolve and get really soft when they sit in water. I actually keep mine on a ledge that is super high in my shower that no water can get to. Steam shouldn’t be a huge problem for your bar, since it usually isn’t enough to get the bar wet.

2. Get a soap lift

Soap lifts are trays that usually have little slots that allow for any water to drip dry off your bar. They also help your bar aerate and dry properly since they keep them off of potentially wet surfaces.

3. Get your hair sopping wet

Now onto the actual use of the bar itself. The first thing you are going to want to do is get in the shower and get your hair absolutely sopping wet since most bars will work and lather best when this is the case. I basically just let my head run under the water stream for about three to five seconds just to make sure that I get every strand of hair thoroughly soaked.

3.5. Wet bar (maybe)

This step is a maybe. Why? Because some bars, depending on their formula, dissolve fairly quickly under a stream of water. Because of this, I think that it is important to do a spot test with your bar. Take a corner or side of your bar and see what happen when you run it under water. If it gets super crumbly or slimy, then I wouldn’t recommend this step and go onto step 4, however, if it really just feels like a regular wet bar of soap, you can definitely and probably need to wet the bar very briefly under the water stream.

4. Run bar down your hair 3-5 times

Take your bar and run it over your hair, going from the front of your head down to the ends of your hair. When testing out a bar, I would really only do this 3 or 5 times, just so you can test the lather of the bar. Once you know more about the bar you’re using, you can do more or less swipes.

5. Lather and scrub

Like you would with normal shampoo, work the product into a lather. If you are having

problems with your shampoo and it feels like you aren’t getting a lather, try quickly putting your hair under the water stream again to make sure your hair is freshly wet, and try to lather again. If it still doesn’t lather up, then it just might be that you need more than 3 or 5 swipes.

You can also try lathering up the shampoo bar in your hand and then applying the suds to your hair like that.

6. Rinse for around 5 minutes

This step is important and quite possibly the most crucial. Whenever I’m trying out a new bar, this is usually the step that makes or breaks the whole experience for me, because personally, if there is still product residue in my hair after rinsing for 5 minutes, then that bar just isn’t for me.

Listening to music in the shower really helps you time this out, as usually two full songs worth of rinsing is enough for you to know that you’ve done a pretty good job.

7. Let hair dry and inspect

The final step is just to let your hair dry. I personally air dry my hair, but you can blow dry too. After your hair is dry, you can usually see and feel whether or not your bar did its job correctly or if it left a bunch of waxy residue in your hair.

Some things to keep in mind:

  1. Sometimes when switching to a shampoo bar after using liquid shampoo, there can be a transition period where your hair and your scalp are getting used to the new shampoo. This can sometimes cause the waxy residue in your hair.

  2. Having soft or hard water can effect the way that your bar works. Make sure to find out what kind of water you have in your home and check the internet for bars that will work best in that water.

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