How to Plan an Amazing Trip with Friends

We all have that grand idea in our head about going on a grand adventure with a group of friends, making memories that last a lifetime. Do you talk about plans of going on a trip in the future, but they never really come to fruition? Then perhaps you are choosing the wrong people to travel with.

Here is how you find the people in your friend group that will commit to plans and get you on your adventure.

1 – Plan with people you like

This may seem like an easy thing to do, but you need to keep some things in mind when choosing who you are going to be traveling with.

  1. You’re going to be with these people for a (usually) substantial amount of time

  2. Traveling is stressful, so bring people who you can get along with even in the most trying of times

  3. Bring people who you enjoy being around.

  4. There are usually a few people in the friend group that you are closer to than others. Know that it is okay to leave people out.

  5. If someone is known to be unreliable, don’t invite them. Someone like that can easily ruin a trip by being late or backing out later and leaving you high and dry to foot the bill.

2 – Plan an entire trip hypothetically

We seem to do this with our friends already in conversations, but we don’t really go all that in-depth about it. Simply saying, “We should go to Florida next year,” and them agreeing, doesn’t really mean much.

Sit down with your friends and plan out your whole trip. Make sure you talk about the flight, hotels, and what activities you are going to do, all while recording prices and making a budget for everyone. This makes the trip feel much more real and like it’s going to actually happen. That feeling gets people invested in the trip itself.

After planning it out, find out if it is actually doable for everyone in the group.

3 – Make a budget and stick to it

Nothing is worse than trying to save towards a goal and then being told that you have to save even more than you originally thought, especially when money is already tight. To avoid this, make sure that when planning your budget that you allow for some cushion.

You also need to be considerate of the other people in your group and how much they will be able to save. You will have to talk with your friends to figure out what is doable and maybe change your plans accordingly to accommodate everyone.

4 – Make a deadline

The third most important thing is to set the dates for when your trip is happening. Once you do this, you must make sure not to plan anything on those dates. Nothing sucks more than when people drop out of a group trip because they weren’t thinking and committed to something else.

5 – Keep each other accountable

This seems like a no-brainer to some but to others, it’s easy to not give their plans another thought. By keeping each other accountable, your plans and your budget is more likely to come fruition.

Set reminders in your calendar for savings goals and important dates, like days to book flights and hotel rooms.

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