How I Keep My Workout Routine Zero Waste

As a part of my zero-waste journey, I have had to make some changes to my current schedule and lifestyle. I started getting into fitness and weight-lifting late last year and since then, I have really taken a notice to how wasteful the health and fitness industry can be. So here is how I try and keep my workout routine as zero waste as possible.

Second-Hand Clothing

I get most of my leggings and workout gear from thrift stores or garage sales. There is a huge mentality with a lot of people to have too much clothing to the point where they are not wearing it enough before giving it away. So a lot of the leggings and shorts that I find are almost as good as new when I find them. I can get Nike and Adidas brand clothing for up to 85% or more off the regular retail price.

I also have a knack for finding a bunch of workout shoes that look as though they have never been worn. I got a new pair of Nike shoes before my trip to Iceland since our trip leaders told us that we would be walking almost everywhere and I still own them today. And last summer I found an almost new pair of Under Armour shoes that I wear to the gym every day now.

Repurposing Old Clothing

Since I’m not someone who feels the need to look fashionable whenever I go the gym, I tend to just repurpose some older t-shirts for workout gear. I usually cut off the sleeves to make a cut-off or crop the shirt. This way I save that shirt from just going to landfill or to a pile at a thrift store and can get more use out of it.

Reusable Water Bottle

This is probably the easiest one to do for me. I got a blender bottle a few years ago and I still use it to this day for a water bottle during the day and then for protein shakes after working out. They are still a plastic bottle, but it’s a reusable plastic that I have from before I decided to switch to zero waste.

Buying Powder in Bulk

Protein powder comes in a multitude of different packaging. There are plastic bags and large plastic containers. Some companies are creating home-compostable packaged protein powder that is also vegan like Vivo Life. But I personally just buy the biggest plastic container that I can find with the most amount of servings. I make sure that the container is one that I can use later when I am done with all the powder. The current powder I use I got from and was surprisingly packaged all in cardboard and kraft paper.

Walking to the Gym

I am lucky enough to have a student gym on campus that I can walk to whenever I want to workout. I implore you to try and walk to the gym if you can or make an effort to do an at-home workout once a week instead of driving all the way across town to workout. Saving on emissions can help limit your carbon footprint and your impact on the environment.

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