For Days: Zero Waste Review

I am so excited to be writing this because this is the first time that I am working with a company to bring you guys a review! Before we start though, I think that there are somethings that I should point out.

  1. I was the one that contacted For Days about working together.

  2. These items were given to me by For Days for free to review for you guys.

  3. No money was exchanged for this review to happen and all opinions of For Days’s products are my own.

Now that we have that context, let’s get into this review.

Some Background About For Days

For Days is a clothing company that focuses on reducing the clothing waste that goes to landfills every year with their circular supply chain. For $18, you can go online and purchase their Take Back Bag. When you get it, you can put any clothes that you don’t want anymore in that back and send it back to them in order to unlock their lower “swap prices” on all of their clothing. They take your old and used clothing and recycle it to make new pieces that are also 100% recyclable.

They also have their Trial Kits, where you choose 5 pieces of clothing that you would like to try for seven days for the low price of $38. You can send back what you don’t like and buy what you do!

They are also making face masks during this pandemic and have three options that each cost $25:

  1. Buy 5 Masks, Donate 5 Masks

  2. Send 5 Masks, Donate 5 Masks or

  3. Donate 10 Masks

Customer Service

So this whole adventure started out with me sending an email to the For Days team and giving them an idea of who I was, what my platform is, and some ideas of reviews that I’ve done in the past. Like I said, this was my first ever time reaching out to a company, and I was all prepared for one like For Days to send me a rejection email, but instead, I got the complete opposite.

The representative that I emailed back and forth with was super upbeat and really into the idea of me doing a review over For Days. I just needed to give them my shipping address and let them know what products that I would like to review. I decided to chose one thing from each category of clothing: a tank top, a shirt, a sweat shirt, and a dress (they also have joggers, which I was super interested in trying out, but I felt like I was already asking for a lot and didn’t want to overstep at all during this process). I didn’t pick any specific colors because I knew from looking at the site that some of the colors were out in my sizes, so I completely left that up to them in order to make things as easy as possible for them. I was then told that I would have my package sent to my home and that they couldn’t wait to see the review that I wrote.

Packaging and Unboxing

For Days really goes above and beyond with their packaging. Everything that was sent to me came in one cardboard box, and I opened up the box to find absolutely no plastic packaging on the inside. I know that there are a ton of sustainable companies that still have their individual items packaged in plastic, but this was not the case for For Days. Instead, they bundled two of my items together and secured them with a strip of kraft paper and a sticker. I honestly thought this was genius.

I was sent three items by the For Days team: the Earth Daily Crew, the Daily U, and the Weekender. As I said before, I didn’t ask for specific colors because I wanted a surprise and also I wanted to make it as easy as possible for the For Days team to get me these products. I actually ended up getting the Weekender dress in one of their newest colors, Tech Blue, and I was really pleasantly surprised about it.

Earth Daily Crew

Daily U



So when it comes to sizing, I’m a little all over the place. To put in some context, I am about 5′ 10″ and have always had trouble when it comes to clothing. Depending on the brand, I can be either a size small or medium for tops. However, when it comes to anything long sleeved, I go for a medium for the extra length (I have very long arms since I’m so tall). For dresses, it really depends on the length and cut of the dress. Since I have long legs, I usually size up a bit for shorter dresses. When it came to telling the people at For Days this, I thought that I would just take a shot in the dark for sizing and tell them that I could wear a size small, and I’m happy to say that that paid off.

The Earth Daily Crew was perfect in size and length for me (I also have a long torso so sometimes smalls are more like crop tops depending on the brand). I did find the white to be a little sheer, so I would have to wear a nude bra underneath, but I’m not mad about that. The Daily U was surprisingly cut a little shorter in the torso, but it also fit remarkably well. When I unboxed it, I was a little afraid that it would look more like a crop top than a traditional t-shirt, but thankfully that was not the problem. For both shirts, I could see myself ordering a size medium in the future, just for that added security in case I accidentally shrink something in the wash, and I’m also a fan of the oversized look.

The Weekender dress was interesting for me. I normally don’t like dresses like this because I feel as though they elongate me even more than I already am. But after styling the dress a bit, it began to grow on me. I think that I would definitely get this dress in black for more versatility and also size up to a medium. The small fits great, but I just felt like it was a little too snug in the rear.


To start off, these clothes are seriously soft, especially the tees. Honestly, I didn’t know what to expect when it came to quality, but I again was more than pleasantly surprised. I could see myself wearing these comfortably all day, whether I’m sitting in the office or lounging around at home.

The tag on all of these pieces state that each was made out of 100% organic cotton and also gives clear care instructions to machine wash gentle on cold. I appreciate that tremendously because the last thing that I want is to accidentally shrink any of these garments.

Final Thoughts

So I am definitely keeping the two t-shirts, but I think I may exchange the Weekender dress for a different color and size, just because I don’t think the blue is very versatile in my wardrobe, and I think a looser fit would be best. I definitely think that in the future that I will purchase a Take Back Bag and get a deal on some seriously comfortable, high quality, and sustainable clothes.

I think what For Days is doing is amazing and they make it affordable for just about anyone to become a more ethical and conscious consumer. I hope that they become a household name in the future, and they definitely have my stamp of approval.

I want to thank For Days for working with me, and I implore you guys to check them out and give their Trial Kit a try!

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