February House Plant Tour

It is no secret that I love plants and enjoy nurturing them to get them to grow larger, fuller, and more beautiful. I take much pride in being a crazy plant lady and I’m not kidding when I tell you that I am running out of space in my window for all my plants at this point in my dorm. Luckily the shelf that my roommate and I use works as extra window space, so I’ve been able to indulge myself with a few extra plants.

When I started off the school year in August, I had three plants. That number has now grown to eight and I am honestly already looking to get more. Luckily I know that we are getting a bigger dorm next year with two windows for me to stow away more plants, but I’m also looking to get into low light plants that can be stashed around our little two-room apartment, but for now, let me just show you what I have now.

Jade Plant

My jade plant (which after I repotted, I found out is technically 7 individual jade plants) has been with my since freshman year of college. I bought it in the spring and have successfully kept it alive for two years now. This succulent is honestly super duper easy to take care of. All you really need to do is water it once or twice every two weeks or whenever you see the leaves start to get pruny. They are so easy to take care of and hard to kill.

Dracaena Marginata

This plant, also known as the dragon tree, is another one that has been with my for a while. I have had it for over a year now and it is another easy to care for plant. It likes small pots where it can be a little root bound. The one learning curve with this guy is taking off spent leaves. After the bottom leaves have been on the plant for awhile, they start to wilt, wither, and die. Whereas this would usually be a bad sign on any other plant, this means that your Marginata is growing, so you should be happy to see the oldest leaves start to wither away. Marginatas can grow to be six to eight feet at full maturity! Which is insane to think since mine is barely a foot tall right now. I mostly just water this guy whenever his soil is dry, because he is very susceptible to root rot in such a small pot.


This little guy is very near and dear to my heart as he was an anniversary gift from my boyfriend (seriously guys, get you a man that feeds your plant addiction). The pot that he came in was super duper small – probably like a two-inch pot – and once I put him in my window and gave him the proper amount of sun and water, he quickly grew too big for that little nursery pot, so I got him this standard medium sized pot from the dollar store and he has never been happier. Again, as a succulent, this guy is super easy to care for, and I honestly probably water him a little too much, but I make sure to rotate him regularly to keep him from reaching for the sun at any point.

Lemon Button Fern

I got this little dude from my local Earl May in the miniature section. I brought him home and planted him in this old Starbucks cup that I got when I accidentally forgot my reusable cup, and he’s honestly one of the cutest little guys in my window. I haven’t quite figured out a watering schedule for this fern yet, so to be safe I just wait until the soil is dry to the touch and water the fern again.

Aloe Vera

I got this aloe vera plant in order to grow it nice a big, use its leaves, and also propagate it to make new aloe plants. Aloe vera is great for the skin, so I thought about getting this plant mainly to incorporate it into my zero waste skincare routine. It is also a succulent so you really only need to water these guys once or twice a month to really keep them healthy.

Marbled Rose

Believe it or not, I snagged this beautiful marbled rose from Walmart of all places during their Valentine’s special. It of course came in a nursery pot that was very very small, so I repotted it in this old plastic Scooter’s cup (reusing and repurposing for the win!). This is great because I can see how moist the soil is throughout the pot and so I know when to water. I also put my used loos tea leaves on the topsoil since roses like more acidic soil, and the tea leaves help give the rose that extra boost it needs to stay happy and healthy.

Tillandsia Air Plant

I bought this air plant on Amazon in a three pack. Unfortunately for me however, I order them in the summer and accidentally sent them to my school address and not my home address, so I was unable to get them out of the box until 2 weeks after they had been delivered (big yikes, I know). Luckily for me, one did survive and I have him sitting in this cute little ceramic Bulbasaur planter. Air plants don’t need any soil and just need to be soaked in water every 2-3 weeks in order to stay hydrated and alive.

African Violet

This boy right here has got to be my pride and joy. When I got this guy he only had 5 or 6 blooms on him and maybe 2 or 3 new buds. He also came in a tiny nursery pot and was root bound, which isn’t particularly bad for African violets but to me it was a little extreme. I got him the pot that he is in today and have watered him every 2 days or so, he now has over 10 new buds forming and new leaves coming in and I am so excited for him to continue blooming. If you are interested in getting an African violet and don’t quite know how to take care of one, I do have a post all about that here. It just makes me happy to see this guys blooms and how well he’s doing.

And those are all my houseplants that I have at the moment! I definitely want more so if you guys have any suggestions for what kind of plant I should get next, leave a comment below! Thanks!

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