EcoEgg Laundry Detergent: 8 Month Update

May of 2020, after being sent home from campus due to COVID-19 and finishing classes at home, I had a ton of free time to do some research and a little extra cash to spend on a few new products. I found that my laundry routine was lacking in sustainability, so I looked for a better alternative that was also affordable.

I looked at Dropps but didn’t like the subscription aspect. I looked at TruEarth, but they were just so expensive for the amount you actually got. I looked at EcoNuts, but they weren’t widely available in my area. Finally, I came upon the EcoEgg. The EcoEgg is a plastic cage-like contraption that holds concentrated laundry soap pellets. Over time, the pellets dissolve, you buy refill packs, and continue to use the EcoEgg.

You can read my initial review of the EcoEgg here. But what I’m trying to do is give you an idea of how well the EcoEgg works and if it lives up to its claim of 72 washes before needing to be refilled.

In my initial review, I claimed that I only really wash my clothes once a week, and at the time, that was actually true. But once I started my summer internship and needed to wear more professional clothes 5 days a week, I found myself needing to wash my clothes twice a week, since my work wardrobe was a very small capsule wardrobe. And I also ended up purchasing a second EcoEgg once I went back to school in August, since my laundry loads on campus are always bigger and I need to split my laundry into two loads. However, with all of this stuff simultaneously going on, I only just refilled my first egg in the middle of November. With my math, I most likely went through somewhere between 70 – 85 washes before filling my first egg. So now that we know that the claim of 72 washes holds up, lets go through some pros and cons of the EcoEgg.

Small and Lightweight

The EcoEgg is so lightweight and makes it so easy to take places. At college, I have a long hallway to walk down with my laundry to get to the laundry room, and it has been so nice compared to previous years to just have two little eggs instead of a large jug of liquid. It is much more enjoyable to do my laundry without that annoying weight. This also makes the eggs super portable and easy to take with me when I go back home for breaks or travel to my sister’s. I can bring my own laundry soap and not be weighed down or pressed for space.

No Spills or Mess

The EcoEgg uses solid detergents in pellet form, so there is no fear of spilling like with a liquid detergent. The EcoEgg pellets also dry very quickly and stay solid after washing. There is also no slimy residue on the EcoEgg like there are on other pod detergents that I’ve used.


For the initial price, the EcoEgg can seem like a big investment, but I have yet to need to buy any more refills than what came in the box so far. I’ve only refilled my EcoEggs once since getting them almost 8 months ago now. Refills are also pretty affordable. EcoEgg is actually listing discounted holiday bundles on their site if you are looking to get one yourself this year.

Growing Availability

Just recently on a trip to Hy-Vee, I saw the 210 load EcoEgg in the laundry aisle. The EcoEgg is a UK-based product, so I was super happy that a mainstream store like Hy-Vee was selling them. I try to look in Walmart and Target whenever I can to see if they are carrying it, but so far I haven’t seen any. But the fact that Hy-Vee is carrying the EcoEgg makes me happy because that gives people who maybe aren’t necessarily outright searching for a sustainable laundry swap the option to get one anyways.

Works in Both HE and Non-HE washers

Now when I was originally looking into the EcoEgg, I got a lot of mixed messaging over whether or not they would work in a HE (high efficiency) washer or not. The people at EcoEgg themselves say yes, but so many of the reviewers online said no. I am lucky enough to have used my EcoEggs in both HE and non-HE washers, and I can say that they work the exact same in both.

Limited Scents

As of right now, EcoEgg only sells their pellets in three scents: fresh linen, spring blossom, and fragrance free. At one point, they did have an orange blossom and a jasmine scent, which I’m very upset that they stopped making because I absolutely love citrus scents. I’m hoping that in the future they might expand their fragrances as they expand in the market.

Cold Washes

Something that a lot of online reviewers were not happy about with the EcoEgg is the fact that you are only really supposed to use them in cold or warm washes, or else the high temperatures cause the pellets to break down too fast. I personally have nothing against cold washes, since it saves energy to not have to heat up the water for washing, but I know for some people that that can be a deal breaker.

Powdery Residue

Another thing that I have had is a powdery residue left on some of my clothes from the powder of the pellets not completely rinsing off my clothing. I simply have put this down to both user error and perhaps just too full of a load. There are sometimes, especially at school, where I forget to change the settings on the washer, and therefore use too hot of water, and other times were I probably just stuffed the washer too much so they clothes couldn’t properly rinse. All in all, this problem has only really ever happened maybe 3 times to me, but I thought it was worth noting.

No Stain Fighting Formulas

The EcoEgg’s pellet formulas are not anything super heavy duty, so if you are looking at getting one, I would also recommend also getting a stain fighting stick or spray to pretreat any clothes with stains. I found that this method was much better than just throwing in the EcoEgg and hoping that it would get the stains out. The EcoEgg pellet formula works on lesser stains, but for harder and more stubborn stains, you will definitely want a stain stick.

I have recommended this product to almost everyone I know, and I continue to do so because I think that it is an amazing solution to our plastic laundry jug problem. Just by using the EcoEgg around friends and family and explaining the product to them, I have gotten so many people to consider switching. It makes an amazing stocking stuffer for the holidays and is sustainable without being a real behavior switch. If you have friends and family that just can seem to let go of their Tide Pods, then the EcoEgg is an amazing middle ground.

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