Eco-Friendly Dog Products: Toys, Treats, etc.!

One of the categories in our lives that might seem hardest for us to find eco-friendly alternatives can be our pets, but it shouldn’t have to be that way. Below is a list of some eco-friendly dog supplies brands and products that you can get your furry friend. Together you and your pooch can make the earth a better place!

Wild One

Wild One is a brand that is constantly thinking about two things: what is best for your pet and what is best for the environment. They take both sustainability and animal welfare very seriously. Proceeds of each purchase go towards supporting shelter animals and helping them get adopted.

Featured Products

Biodegradable Plant-Based Poop Bags – $10

Twist Toss Toy (100% Natural Rubber) – $18

Bolt Bite (100% Natural Rubber) – $22

Triangle Tug (100% Natural Rubber + 100% Natural Cotton) – $24

Cycle Dog

Cycle Dog started out their sustainable product line with collars made from recycled inner tubes. They also make hand sewn products, and they will repair any damage to these products themselves at no charge to the customer.

Featured Products

No-Stink Antibacterial Dog Collar – $23 – $25

High Roller Dog Ball – $9-12

Ecoweave Harnesses – $28 – $35

Harry Barker

Harry Barker is for those who want their dog to be as stylish as they are for a great price. Harry Barker’s collars and leashes are all made out of recycled plastic bottles, and many of their other products are created with repurposed and recycled materials. The company itself is named after the founder’s own dog, Harry Barker (1997-2012), a loving shetland sheepdog.

Featured Products

Braided Rope Dog Collar – $20

Tweed Squirrel Plush Dog Toy – $16

Cabin Plaid Cuddler Bed – Starting at $60

Kennel Club Travel Food and Water Bowl – $32

Buck Bone Organics

Buck Bone Organics takes natural antler shed and turns it into a great treat for your furry friend. Taking these antlers that would otherwise not be used is a great way to give your dog an eco friendly treat and antlers are a great way to naturally clean your dog’s teeth. All the shed antlers are sourced from the USA.

Mini Biscuits – $8

Deer Antler 6 Pack – $30

Honest Pet Products

Honest Pet Products came when one woman wanted to have natural and safe pet products for her own dogs. She had created a few toys for her own pets when people began to ask for them for themselves. The three principles behind everything that they do at Honest Pet Products are: “true to our pets, true to our planet, and true to our people.”

Featured Products

Eco-Fetcher – $13

Eco-Fly-n-Tug – $13

Eco Fetchin’ Stick – $18

Planet Dog

Planet Dog doesn’t just make eco-friendly products, but they work to make almost every aspect of their business sustainable. They’ve replaced boxes with paper bags in order to reduce weight and waste when shipping, and they use eco-friendly paper stocks and inks on catalogs, signage and collateral. They make their collars and leashes from hemp, one of the most sustainable fibers that can be grown, and other products use bamboo and recycled cork.

Featured Products

Orbee-Tuff Planet Ball – Starting at $10

Orbee-Tuff Snoop – $16

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