DIY Craft Stick Succulent Planter

If you’ve ever wanted a picture perfect wooden succulent planter that fits perfectly on your window sill then have I got the perfect DIY craft for you. (Note that I am working backwards from making this, so most pictures will show the completed project).

Items Needed:

  1. Craft Sticks

  2. Hot Glue

  3. Scissors

  4. Wax Paper

  5. Acrylic Sealer

Step One: Protect the area you are working on with a sheet of wax paper.

Step Two: Start by placing three craft sticks in position like the picture above.

Step Three: Add dots of glue on the ends of the sticks and place three more sticks on top like so.

Repeat adding glue to the ends of the sticks and repeat steps Two and Three until the structure has reached around 2-3 inches in height. You can go higher if you wish.

Step Four: With a pair of scissors, take six craft sticks and cut off the ends in order to to fit them in between the sticks on the top and bottom of the structure to create a flat and flush edge.

Step Five: Now that the bottom is all level. You can add a bottom to your planter. Take more sticks and glue them across the bottom. Work from both sides inward in order to leave a space in the middle as a drainage hole.

Step Six: Using your scissors, take around 20 sticks and cut them in half in order to make the picket-fence-like design on the long sides of the box. Measure the sticks in order to make the edge of the picket-fence straight, or just eyeball the middle for a more whimsical and accidental look.

Look for sticks with interesting color or characteristics to make a more interesting design.

Step Seven: Glue the half sticks to the long sides of the box.

Step Eight: Taking ten more sticks, glue five to each short side to close any gaps.

Step Nine (Optional): Cut the ends of of ten more sticks and glue them on top of each other to create side handles. Glue them to the short side of the box.

Step Ten: If not using hot glue, make sure that if the glue you are using in water soluble, then spray the box with an acrylic sealer to keep the structural integrity of the planter that you just made.

Step Eleven: Add dirt and plants and enjoy!

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