Colgate’s New Sustainable Mouthwash Swish – Zero Waste Review

Like I’ve said many times on this blog. My Instagram feed gives me a ton of ideas on what to do for new content, especially now that Instagram Reels has come of age and more people, especially in the zero waste community are using it. I love watching them and getting new ideas and new recommendations for products.

A few that I’ve seen going around a lot are some zero waste swaps and products that you can get at places such as Walmart and Target. I know a majority of them because of my Low Waste Living on a Budget series, which you can find on here, and so I was surprised when I saw one that had a few products that were brand new and I was completely unaware of.

The one single product that I was just beyond giddy to see, was a mouthwash that comes in 100% aluminum packaging (cue the hallelujah music please). If you know this blog and have been here a while, then you know that finding sustainable oral health products is a real challenge for me with my super sensitive and super weak teeth, so yeah this was a more than pleasant surprise for me. I was even more surprised to see that it is by one of the most recognizable dental and mouth care brands, Colgate.

Like how cool is that?

I of course went to my local Target and searched for it. A lot of times I will see these Instagram Reels that have “products you can find at your local Walmart or Target,” but actually finding them in my local stores is usually a hit or a miss. For example, I have been searching up and down for Ethique bars in my local Target, but alas, no luck there. And I’ve already found that there are certain products that I can find in my Walmart at college that I can’t find when I go home for the summer at the local Walmart there. So I always go out expecting to not be able to find what I want.

To be honest, I was looking at the mouthwash aisle and was just about ready to give up when I spotted them in all their metallic glory. And imagine my excitement when I saw they were priced at $4.99 (I hadn’t looked up what they were beforehand and thought they would be closer to $8.00).

My Target had the three colors you see above. Blue – invigorating mint, black – refreshing mint, and green – wild mint or spearmint. Now the packaging is great, but besides those little descriptions on the front of the bottle, you can’t really tell what the real difference is between the different colors, but I’m guessing that there really isn’t one and they are just flavor preferences. I got the blue container just because I thought it was probably going to be the most basic of the three.

Each bottle is a pint, so I would say it’s a good size for the price. This is also now a bit of a slap in the face from Colgate to a bunch of the other mouthwash brands in the business, since Colgate is now one of the first, if not the first, mainstream mouthwash brand in the U.S. to come out with aluminum packaging.

I will point out that Colgate does still have their other mouthwashes in plastic packaging, but perhaps this is a way for them to test the market and see just how successful the sustainable packaging could be. Being an advertising and marketing major, I feel like sometimes it is important to point these things out. They have of course gone kind of full bore with this Swish branding and even made the Colgate logo on the bottle super small, which is honestly a little abnormal if you ask me, so perhaps Swish will soon become Colgate’s eco-friendly product line with tooth tabs and even bamboo toothbrushes? Who knows?

Using the Product

I mean, I don’t quite know what I could say about this besides the fact that it is mouthwash and it works like mouthwash. Before this I was using Tom’s of Maine mouthwash that came in plastic, so I am beyond glad that I can cut just one more thing of plastic out of my life and use Swish instead.

I will insert a picture below of the back of my bottle and just give you an idea of what it looks like with the directions and more of the packaging, just because I know that can be helpful to some people before buying.

Overall, I really like this product and think that it is worth it to buy since I have yet to see or read anything that says that this product isn’t what it is claiming to be. Perhaps support of this can lead to Colgate expanding their eco-friendly product line and also lead other brands in the oral hygiene area to follow suit.

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