Castile Soap, The Versatile Cleaner: Low Waste Living on a Budget #7

Castile soap is one of those things that comes along and makes you wonder, what can’t it do? I’ve featured castile soap in this series a few times, and I thought that it was just too versatile of a product not to have it’s own featured installment. So what is castile soap and what makes it so great?

Castile soap is a soap made from vegetable oils instead of animal fats like many other soaps. The original castile soap, made in the region of Spain called Castile, was derived from saponifying pure olive oil. Today it can be made from many other vegetable oils, like coconut, avocado, and hemp. Because of its plant based ingredients, castile soap is completely biodegradable.

The brand that I see the most when it comes to castile soap is Dr. Bronner’s, although if you shop at Walmart, Equate Beauty has created their own version as well. Dr. Bronner’s label however, gives a great overview of what you can use castile soap for, but since the print can be a little small, I thought I would list them for you:

  1. Natural body wash

  2. Face wash

  3. Shampoo

  4. Hand soap

  5. Dish soap

  6. Dishwasher detergent

  7. Baby soap

  8. Makeup remover

  9. Shaving cream

  10. Pet shampoo

  11. Window cleaner

  12. Floor cleaner

  13. Laundry soap

  14. Toilet cleaner

  15. Pest Deterrent

  16. All-Purpose cleaner

Dr. Bronner’s Dilution Cheat Sheet

Castile soap as a whole has many other benefits. It is vegan and also very affordable when you consider all of its potential uses. I myself have used castile soap in the past as a body and face wash, and I am currently using it to wash dishes. I find that it is one of the best natural cleaners that you can find right in a bottle (although I wish that bottle wasn’t plastic). I’ve found that castile soap is able to fill a lot of different needs in my life so that I don’t have to go out and buy several different cleaners. If you’re looking for a more natural-based cleaner for your home, then I definitely recommend giving castile soap a try. You can find it in many different scents, so it’s sure to have something for everyone.

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