Buying from Companies with a Cause

I don’t think I need to tell you about the new shopping trend that’s happening with Millennials and Generation Z, but I’m going to because it’s important. Buying from companies with a cause.

The younger generation wants to know that their money is going towards something that matters and not just a multi-million dollar corporation that keeps all revenues in-house. Because of this, well-established companies around the world are starting campaigns that show that they don’t just hog all of their money for themselves. There are companies like Olay, Ralph Lauren, and Savage X Fenty, who donate proceeds of their sales in the month of October towards breast cancer research. H&M is giving school supplies to refugee children during the holiday season. But there are also companies that started with the mission of giving back and have continued to do so.

Pura Vida began in 2010 with the intentions of hiring artisans from countries like Costa Rica and give back to causes that matter. Their jewelry comes in collections, and a small portion of each purchase from a collection goes to a different cause, like saving the sea turtles or helping get plastic out of our oceans.

The popular shoe brand TOMS has their one for one program, where each pair of shoes that you buy gives someone in need a pair of shoes. But they decided not to stop there. TOMS through the years has been providing people in need with water, birth, and bullying prevention services.

Now with an incentive to do more good, this policy of becoming a social enterprise – an organization that applies commercial strategies to maximize improvements in financial, social and environmental well-being – is not just effecting large corporations, but new small businesses.

I have a friend from high school who started her own company in college called White and Yellow T-Shirt Co. Each line of t-shirts she creates donates to a different non-profit, like TOTSAN, The Rainforest Alliance, Save the Rhinos, and Thorn.

I’m even a brand ambassador myself for a company called The Great North. They too are apart of this social enterprise movement. With every purchase, a portion of the money goes towards planting trees, removing garbage and plastic from the oceans, and contributing to a stable environment. This was highly attractive to me as a consumer and even more so now with the threat of irreversible climate change over our heads.

To think that if all companies were to do something like this, we would really be a better off world

White and Yellow T-Shirt Co. Support my friend and help causes that matter to you.

The Great North You can use code GRACE3030 to save 30% and contribute to an amazing cause.

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