Being Minimalist: When is Too Little Too Much?

When it comes to minimalism, living with less is supposed to give the user a sense of peace and also help them understand what is most important in their life. There are many people who self-identify as minimalists posting videos on YouTube with the title “Everything I Own.” These videos are only about 5 – 15 minutes long in length and show just how little this person actually owns. When I started my journey into minimalism, I will admit that these videos shocked me and made me feel as though there was no way that I could become a minimalist. But that wasn’t really the case. I just wasn’t as comfortable with living with as little as these other people were.

These people, when they were talking about how little they owned, seemed happy and proud at their little assortment of goods. I listened to how they justified owning each item and why it was important to their lives. Not once did I hear, “I got this because I really wanted it.” Instead they said, “I use this for..” or, “I need this for…”

I was inspired by their simplicity, but I didn’t think I could be that person whose entire life fits into one backpack. Maybe in the future, but as a college student at this moment in my life, I don’t think so. I did more research and came upon two women with their own YouTube channels: Rachel Aust and Madeleine Olivia .

Their instructional videos on minimalism, and their own personal stories coupled with their tips and tricks made minimalism seem… attainable for someone like me. They introduced to me the idea that minimalism is subjective. Something that is different for everyone and that everyone can tailor to their own life. Rachel Aust also has a few 30 and 60 day challenges to help anyone ease into physical as well as digital minimalism. They really helped guide me in my first months and showed me the routine and mindset I needed to adopt in order to live my new minimalist lifestyle.

So now the real question is, when is too little too much? And the answer seems to be that that is completely up to you and your lifestyle. I myself am not going to be that person who can fit everything in a backpack, but I can definitely say that getting moved to and from college will be a lot easier this year than last.

As always, I implore you to look into minimalism if you feel like your life is cluttered and you’re looking for a simpler, more fulfilling way of life. Resources like Rachel Aust and Madeleine Olivia’s channels on YouTube are available to you and I think you should check them out if you’re looking for a more in-depth look into what minimalism is like.

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