Bar Soaps for Face Wash: Low Waste Living on a Budget #3

As I explained in my last installment, barred versions of products are better for the environment due to the fact that they are packaged in less plastic than their bottled counterparts. It is also harder to waste product with a bar of soap and easier to travel with. Today I’m going to be sharing with you the facial bars that you can get for less than traditional face washes at Walmart and Target. Note that I may not have a lot to say about each bar, since I haven’t tried them all, but I am recommending them based on packaging and average customer reviews.

Walmart and Target


The Neutrogena face bars are glycerin bars, so they have a different consistency than your normal bar of soap, but they work the exact same. You can get the neutrogena bars scented or unscented and also for specific skin types, like oily skin.


Cetaphil has a gentle cleansing bar for sensitive skin types and also has value packs in store, so you can get the most for your money.

Dr. Bronner’s Castile Soap

As I said in my last installment, castile soap is a very versatile soap that can be used on the body, the face, and even around the house. The most common scents that i find Dr. Bronner’s in is peppermint and lavender.

Aveeno Gentle Moisturizing Bar

Aveeno has some great natural products in their line up and this bar is one of them. However, I will warn you that this bar heavily smells like oats, and not in the best way. In my opinion, the smell was almost too strong for me to enjoy using it, so maybe do a smell test before buying this one.

Dove Men+Care

These bars are great for guys that want to kill two birds with one stone, as they works great for the body and the face.


This bar is a great natural alternative for those with sensitive skin.


CeraVe has a hydrating cleanser bar for both the face and the body.

Cleen Beauty

This white clay facial bar was the first facial bar that I ever tried, and it has a great formula that doesn’t dry out your face or leave it feeling powdery


Old Spice

I was not aware of this at all, but apparently Old Spice has a facial bar. They call it GentleMan’s Blend and it has Aloe and Wild Sage for a scent.


Again, Ethique makes amazing soaps, but they are a bit pricier than others on this list, but I just have to recommend them because they make products that are clean and sustainable.

Final Thoughts

Like I said in the body wash article, I know that for some skin types it can be harder than others to find a bar of soap that works for you. Don’t feel like you have to give up the one product that works for you just because it is deemed wasteful. Not all parts of your life have to be sustainable if it means that you are giving up something that helps you feel good about yourself and keeps any of your skin conditions under control. Even switching one behavior in your life is better than nothing.




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