Bar Soap for Shampoo: Low Waste Living on a Budget #4

I know that I have my work cut out for me on this one, simply because there are not a lot of options for shampoo bars in mainstream big box stores, though there are some making strides.

Shampoo bars are an iffy subject when it comes to this series for two reasons: availability and variety. They just aren’t as widely available as they could be, and the variety of brands that you can find is slim, meaning there are less options for you to try to find your perfect formula. If you’ve seen any of my shampoo bar reviews on here before, then you know that some formulas of shampoos bars just will not work for certain people and certain hair types. I also learned just recently that shampoo bars can work better in soft water than hard water depending on the formula of the bar. So depending on what kind of bar that you get, it might be your water, and not the bar itself making your hair all gross and waxy..

Nonetheless, I’m going to try my best to find as many bars as I can to try and give you guys the best chance at finding something in stores.


Body & Earth

This shampoo bar at Walmart is only $4, so perhaps I’m going to have to try this one out myself. It even comes in its own little tin for traveling. At my store, I was only able to find three scents called Berry Bliss, Mango, and Argan Oil. UPDATE: I have purchased the argan oil bar from my Walmart. The bar itself came wrapped in plastic and it was a very perfumed scent. Kind of wishing I went with the Mango bar at this point.

I did use this bar and oh my lord, is it amazing for the price. It lathers so well and honestly, the smell was not as big of a problem as I thought and was subdued a ton once I used it in the shower. I highly recommend this for you guys to try out.

Love, Beauty & Planet

It’s no secret that I don’t like the brand Love, Beauty & Planet, simply because I believe wholeheartedly that it is a greenwashing brand used by Unilever to mask their horribly wasteful practices as a company. However, they have begun to stock shampoo bars in both Walmart and Target, so perhaps it wouldn’t be the worst thing to give them a try. To be honest, I really only added them to add another bar to the list, and I was able to not have them on my past two bar soap lists because of the amount of other options I had. Overall would not recommend Love, Beauty & Planet because I believe they are just a greenwashing company.



On the flipside, we have Ethique, which is a brand that is doing so much right in the ways of sustainable and ethical products. Ethique was the first shampoo bar that actually worked for me and didn’t leave my hair feeling stripped and like straw. They have some great scents and formulas for all hair types. They even have a purple shampoo bar for all you blondes out there to tone your hair with.

Spring & Vine

I had honestly never heard of this brand before researching for this video, and I’m very surprised about that. They have so many formulas and scents. I think that this is definitely another brand that I am going to have to try out in the future.

Final Thoughts

Sadly, I could only find those four brands in stores when it came to shampoo bars, and I’m very sad that there were no options for men. I know that there are some guys who just have one bar of soap that they use for everything, including shampoo, but I was really hoping that I could find something in stores for you. I will say that Ethique does have some more masculine scented bars, and their Tip to Toe bar is more of an all purpose bar to be used for everything, so that might be one for you guys to check out if it is in your local Target. If you do have the ability to use Amazon, I will of course recommend that you do some research on some other brands of shampoo bars there.




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