April House Plant Tour

It has been two months since my last plant tour and I have definitely added a few new plants to my collection. You may notice some plants are missing since my last plat update. I assure you that they are alive and well, they have just been gifted to friends and family.

African Violet

So my african violet was definitely in some bad shape about a month ago. I had problems with water quality which caused the tips on some of its oldest leaves to turn brown. I have since remedied the problem and my violet is beginning to flower again and has several new budding stems growing. I’m so glad that I’ve been able to keep this guy alive and well.

Aloe Vera

My aloe vera has switched pots. Before I had it in a smaller pot with no drainage hole. I believed that since aloe vera only really needs to be watered once a month or so that a drainage hole wasn’t needed, but I notice that he wasn’t doing too well and he had some of his oldest leaves dying despite proper sunlight and watering. Since moving him to a larger terra cotta pot, I have seen him get a bit bigger and have a new leaf start!

Jade Plant

My jade plant has definitely gotten smaller since last you saw. I actually ended up root dividing my bigger plant into three pots, two of which I gave to my sisters. I put the stems that I wanted to keep in a repurposed salsa jar and used some mod podge to fix some kraft paper to the outside. I haven’t had a problem with overwatering or drainage and I love the way he looks!


My beautiful echeveria is thriving in its new home in a southern facing window. I have found that I need to rotate him a bit more often than I was in my dorm but I love seeing this guy so upright and happy. There are constantly new rosette layers forming and new growth!

Polka Dot Plants

I found a pot of mixed red and white polka dot plants at Walmart and new I just had to have them. I love the uniqueness of the red and white foliage and can’t wait to see the tiny flowers begin to spring up as they mature.

Aluminum Plant

This little guy is becoming one of my favorite plants. I love the silver spots on the foliage and how cute it is! I can’t wait to see how big this guy can get. As a pilea, he’s really easy to take care of and constantly putting out new leaves.

Moon Valley Friendship Plant

This is another plant in the pilea family and his leaves are just as unique as the aluminum plant. They are quilted and have the coolest texture that is so unique! He is also super easy to care for and just needs to be rotated every so often to make sure all the leaves are getting the proper amount of sunlight.

Pearls and Jade Pothos

Another favorite of mine is this variegated pothos. Since putting it in a southern facing window, all its new leaves are coming out almost completely white! It is such great contrast considering that when I got this plant most of its larger and more mature leaves were almost completely reverted.

Silver Pothos

Another pothos that I’m beginning to love. I keep this one away from the window on the other side of the room and it is still thriving! It has pushed out around four new leaves in two days! I’m really excited for the guy to start to really trail and be a gorgeous indoor vine.

Ficus Retusa Bonsai

Ever since I started fertilizing this bonsai it has been pushing out new leaves like crazy! It also has such a unique shape that I couldn’t not buy him. Like an african violet, this guy likes to stay in moist soil and I haven’t had any problems with him yet!

Snake Plant

When I was told that snake plants were slow growers, I didn’t really believe people, but now I know that it’s true. This guy isn’t very active or shown any new signs of growth. He’s kinda boring, but he is also just so unique and fun to look at.

Arrowhead Plants

These are my two syngonium plants. The left is a white butterfly and the right is a pink allusion. I didn’t expect to like these guys when I got them, but they grow pretty fast for me and are always changing each day. I find at least one new leaf coming in anytime I give these guys a once over. They are pretty upright now but as they mature they will begin to vine!


If you can’t tell, I love a good variegated house plant, which is exactly why I got this guy. His top two leaves are huge compared to the rest of him and he basically has the same care needs as a lot of the rest of my plants, so when I was out shopping, I decided to put him in my basket for fun.

Arid Land Peperomia

So i got this guy from the miniature plant section at an Earl May and he was probably half the size that he is now. He’s still pretty small in relation to all my other plants, but he is beginning to grow like crazy. I put him in the southern facing window because he’s a native to Hawaii and I thought he’d appreciate some sun and humidity and boy was I right. He’s got some smaller branches down below that are already starting to vine and I’m excited to see how big he can get.

Olympia False Aralia

I have had two of these in the past and they have died for various reasons. Come to find out that this is one of the pickiest and hardest to care for house plants that you can buy, but if you treat it right, it can grow to be almost 6 ft tall and rival any fiddle leaf fig. So I am starting this guy off by being super cautious and trying not to kill him with all my being.

Lucky Bamboo

This guy is a pretty straight forward beginner’s house plant that I actually bought for my sister’s birthday. It just needs it’s roots covered in water and it’s fine. No soil needed.

Parlor Palm

This is another plant that is starting to become my favorite. As long as you don’t overwater this palm, he thrives and he just looks so cool and sophisticated. I wish I would’ve bought another with him as a pair but when I went back to the store, they didn’t have anymore.

Succulent Garden

I got these cuttings off Amazon and amazing 8 out of 10 of them are already rooting. I just used an old metal cake pan as a planter and they seem to really enjoy it in there.

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