Amazing Etsy Products For Any Plant Person

In this pandemic, it is important for us more now than ever to support small businesses. One of the best online sites that hosts small businesses is Etsy. I scoured Etsy for some of the cutest and coolest products for any plant person in your life.

The mug that started the whole idea for this post. This Plant Lady Mug by AsterAndRoseMerc is a bestseller in their shop, and it is easy to see why. This huge mug resembles a plant person’s best friend, a terra cotta pot. You will definitely need to strike when the iron is hot to get this mug, as it sells out regularly and is a very popular item.

This shirt by ShopWaves comes in eight colors and is so relatable to anyone who loves plants. The shirt comes in two shirt brands, Gildan or Bella Canvas. In my opinion, a Bella Canvas shirt is way softer than any other shirt I’ve ever owned.

TheCuriousCactus has a digital file download that you can buy for less than $4 and print as many times as you want. If you have a problem keeping track of when you water or fertilize your plants, look not further.

If you’re into pins, this collection by RuthandDottie is a great addition to your collection. They come in the option of being pin backed, flat backed, or as magnets!

This beautiful pressed wall art by StudioWildflower is an amazing addition to any blank wall. You can choose between buying one to four of these pressed fern leaves and have greenery everywhere in your home. If ferns aren’t your thing, this seller also has some pressed flowers in the same style.

Another piece of wall decor showcases preserved moss that will stay green no matter what. This piece by Mosswerk comes in many different variations in his shop. It reminds me of looking down at a forest from the sky.

This last listing is for plant people who feel as though they already have enough rooted friends and are looking to expand into the world of air plants. This listing by AURAMORE comes with 11 Tillandsia air plant and a bottle of organic air plant food to keep them happy and healthy. Air plants are great because you can honestly put them anywhere without worrying about a heavy pot getting in the way.

I’m going to end this article asking you one thing:

Please support small businesses as they are some of the people being hit hardest financially by the current COVID-19 outbreak. A little goes a long way for them and they need our help more than ever. Thank you and please stay healthy and safe.

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